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Подоходный налог (income tax) в 2004 году:

Federal tax rates for 2004 are:

16% on the first $35,000 of taxable income;
22% on the next $35,000 of taxable income;
26% on the next $43,804 of taxable income; and
29% of taxable income over $113,804.

Добавим сюда провинциальный подоходный налог:

Ontario 6.05% on the first $33,375 of taxable income, +
9.15% on the next $33,377, +
11.16% on the amount over $66,752

Информация взята с сайта CRA за 2004 год

Добавим сюда пенсионный налог 5%

и 2% страховых сборов по безработице


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