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Electronic Dictionaries

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Talking Electronic Dictionaries
Talking Electronic Dictionaries are distinguished by their ability to pronounce words and whole expressions, on top of delivering prompt and accurate translations of a spectacular number of entries.. Translations are not only visualized as text, but are also voiced aloud. Foreign language students will enjoy the usability of these great audio aids, especially since we’ve included some special extras: games, business and travel features, built-in language studying aids, professional add-on dictionaries, and more.

Travel Dictionaries
This category brings together models that are best apt for travelers. These Travel Dictionary handhelds insure quick access to the words and phrases databanks, compiled taking into account the typical travelers’ context. These traveler models do not concentrate on conveying a structured linguistic message to the user, instead, they conveniently pack and make available for flash-like retrieval thousands of commonly used expressions, specifically selected to serve the many purposes so common for travelers. Additional handheld features are available, such as currency converters, calculators, travel guides, world and local times, and more.

Non-talking Dictionaries
Non-talking Electronic Dictionaries facilitate immediate word translation and back translation, deliver solid usability such as comprehensive searching, user-friendly interfaces and more. This category of handhelds includes bidirectional, trilingual as well as multilingual models. All dictionaries carry advanced linguistic bases, granting users access to popular everyday expressions, idioms, and extensive special terminology.

Speech-to-Speech Translators
Speech-to-Speech Electronic Translators incorporate the latest high-end advancements in the field of speech recognition. They catch your words outspoken in the source language and immediately pronounce translations in the target language! Get your point across, go places and understand the people you meet, all the way through. Speech-to-speech electronic interpreters are the way to effective communication, on the go.

PDA Electronic Dictionaries
This section lists dictionaries that combine the flexibility of PDAs and cell phones with the linguistic excellence of multilingual electronic dictionaries. On top of the usual PDA and organizer features (e-books, pictures, music),these handhelds offer hundreds of thousands of words and thousands of commonly used expressions and phrases.

Other Electronic Dictionaries
Supplements and enhancements to the electronic products sold at out online store, as well as electronic Bibles and various supporting items.

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